exploring trends within the Office of the CIO


...and 100 more New York based Enterprises!

A Day of Insight

An epic meeting of the minds to collaborate on how the enterprises are managing, evolving and adapting to the rapid changes and challenges of Information Management & Governance.

Over an epicurean lunch & cocktails we explore how these leaders enable innovation and growth while managing risk, compliance and governance - discussions that just don't happen within the confines of the Office of the CIO. 

Who's at the Table?

Attended by CIOs and IT leaders from New York based enterprise this meet is a collaboration of the largest organizations and brands from within New York - a community of like minded IT leaders and strategists in a thought leading think-tank of collaboration.

A must attend for those on the frontlines of growth through innovation. 100 IT leaders you need to know.

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Thursday June 30, 2016

11:00am - 6:00pm

The Westin Times Square

270 W 43rd Street

New York, NY 10036

CIO's & IT Leaders Participating are from...

11:00 AM

Check-in for an afternoon of collaboration, today's discussions start in the CIOlounge where you'll join New York's leading IT strategists.

11:30 AM

Setting the tone for New York we have moderator and event chair Scott Shuster; Scott leads discussions for some of the most prominent C-suite IT engagements across the country but today CIOsynergy proudly stages him in New York.

3:30 PM

The CIOpanel; beyond just a discussion this tell-all panel reveals the strategies, directions and hurdles faced from these leaders on the edge of Innovation. Represented by New York based CIOs this is the face of today's IT and it's challenges.

1:00 PM

Retreat to the CIOlounge; more than a cocktail reception these are the connections that add light to the daily decisions made. Conversations with colleagues and peers in the CIOlounge under the umbrella of the latest technologies and visionaries behind them - from the masters of intrusion detection to the pioneers of Hybrid Cloud; you'll meet them during our cocktail reception in the CIOlounge.

1:30 PM

Keynote with Marc Randolph. He stole America's eyeballs when he founded Netflix, a company that reinvented the entertainment industry. We'll walk the line with this innovator on the ups and downs of creating the unknown where boundaries are non-existent. The life of an innovator.


This is IT Collaboration...

Our biggest asset in Innovation is collaboration; the ability to benchmark efforts, strategies and tactics with like minded peers. We're harnessing a community of enterprise leaders & strategists for thought-leading exchange. 

By Invitation Only

CIOnewyork is by invitation only ensuring true peer on peer collaboration between like minded leaders & strategists.

Why was I selected?

A combination of our guests current enterprise role and past experience allows us to engineer a collaboration that truly does bring to light the vast number of hurdles and tactics faced by the modern enterprise and those innovating the landscape. This is Audience Innovation engineered by the CIOdraft.

Can I refer my Colleague?

We know that IT management & leadership falls under so many areas; if your senior peers lead and strategize on these disciplines we would love to know. Refer them to the CIOsynergy community by emailing mitalp@ciosynergy.com

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Thursday June 30  |  11:00am - 6:00pm

The Westin Times Square


12:30 PM

Lunch at the Westin! Over an epicurean lunch our delegation convenes in the company of the New York IT leadership community.

2:45 PM

The Founders Panel; insight into coming trends for the CIO from the visionaries behind companies that support the largest brands and enterprises.


Direction from the coveted CIOpanel

CIOsynergy is all about collaboration; the CIOpanel steers that collaboration to focusing on what's really on the plate for IT leaders. A group of CIO's that expose their directions and chosen paths while innovating the landscape their enterprises run on.

This tell-all seat on the CIOpanel gives insight into real directions. More info at CIOpanel.com 

Return to the CIOlounge; as we return for our closing reception these interactions in the CIOlounge are now equipped with insight our audience have shared with one another through an afternoon of roundtables, panels and fireside discussions. This is a reflection of what we've learnt, who we've met and how we'll use it.

4:30 PM

5:45 PM

12:45 PM

Fireside Chat with Mark Norton; Moderator Scott Shuster dives into a revealing investigative discussion onstage with Mark Norton of CoreSite, as they discuss strategies that have helped enterprises run global operations against the odds of operating modern businesses in a vulnerable digital economy. Insight for the CIO from the CIO.

Check-in for an afternoon of collaboration, today's discussions start in the CIOlounge where you'll join New York's leading IT strategists.

2:30 PM

We know IT folks love gadgets thats why you will love CIOsynergy's CIOdraw™. Our sponsors have put forth a compilation of great giveaways; from iPads and Tablets to weekend getaways at BMW driving schools. At CIOsynergy™ we’ve seen it ALL, but are always taken back as they get better and better.










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